Thursday, November 4, 2010

Augustiner Brewery

Want to find a great place to find a beer where not only tourists travel? Well at Augustiner's Brewery (Augustiner Bier) you definitely will find some locals. :) If you come in from the cobblestone path, the only indicator that there is a beer hall is the little sign. Open the door and you walk down a long hallway, turn and go through a door and then you come to a statue of St. Augustine! Turn again and you walk down beautiful old steps down to the pretzels, and bratwurst snack area. On your walk to the beer stand you will see some of the rooms where in the winter especially people will gather to chat, snack and drink!

There are different rooms most are smoking, one has a music band most nights, and another is a nonsmoking room (this one is in the back). There are even conference rooms in the very back for special parties! You can grab two different size of mug a .5 liter for about 3 euros or a full liter for a little over 5 euros.

It is delicious beer, great people watching and the beer hall experience you are looking forward to! In the summer the garden outside is just stunning with the trees! There is a parking lot on the other side of the building if you decide to drive or cannot do so many stairs, but the side street is a fun entrance if you can find it. :)

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