Saturday, November 6, 2010

Visiting the Alps!

Eben: There are so many options of where to visit the Alps. Every Saturday and Sunday there is a free bus that leaves from Mirabellplatz that goes to a few locations in the Alps. We went to the Eben skiing resort and our bus left at 8am. Look into more times because you have to know what time the bus will come back to pick you up to bring you back to Mirabellplatz. There are multiple buses that leave the resorts so be sure to ask the driver if they are going back to Mirabellplatz.

For those of us who are not strong skiers and maybe not ready for that Alps - which I will reiterate that there is a big difference even from the Rockies! I have only been skiing once so I was not going to sign up for a day of skiing and frustration and very possible injury. So I decided to go with some girls tobogganing aka sledding. It is super fun but it is like ultimate sledding! We went down a street that was scary cause cars and tractors would drive up but it was ok we lived lol. The cars drive very carefully. You ride the lift up and then go into a cabin that is a restaurant and ask for a sled or toboggin. It costs 2 euros for each time but you can put two people on one toboggin. I would suggest doing two people the first time. Bring good boots because you will use them to steer the sled. Oh and ps the sleds are old school wood! :)

Buy the all day lift pass if you think you will go up more than 4 times. It is only 10 euros, that was the best deal for us.

You will ride for about 3 miles down and then leave the sled at the bottom of the hill and the resort will pick them up at the end of the day. Then you walk back for about 20 minutes to the resort on a trail that you will find across the street. It is labeled as a cross country skiing path - but just use it to get back. :)

It is super fun and will be an awesome memory!

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